February Tree Watch

If you’re an avid runner you might be interested in Trees not Tees. Trees not Tees which formally launched as a charity in February this year aim to work with race organisers to give people the chance to opt out of race T-shirts in favour of planting a tree. To read more about them click here.

Maintenance is key. The Turkish government planted a whopping 11 million trees in November 2019 on National Forestation Day. There are now claims that due to dry weather and poor conditions the majority of these sapling have died before they reached their first spring. Click here to read more.

The Committee on Climate Change, recently published a report outlining how to reduce the 12 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions that come from land use by two thirds by 2050. This includes the annual creation of up to 50,000 hectares of broadleaf and conifer woodland for the next three decades. This would cover an area roughly the size of Leeds with more than 2 billion trees. Click here to read more.

In Northern Ireland their Environment Minister has pledged to plant 18 million trees over the next 10 years to store carbon and improve woodland cover. Northern Ireland currently has one of the lowest levels of woodland cover in Europe. Click here to read more.

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