January Tree Watch

Emergency Tree Plan – The Woodland Trust published their Emergency Tree Plan in January which sets out recommendations for the government across the UK to:

  1. Look after the trees we have.
  2. Create new policies, capacity and funding for woods and trees.
  3. Take local authority action to identify land for trees and increase canopy cover.

For more information you can download a copy here.

National Trust – To achieve net zero emissions by 2030 the National Trust have announced plans to plant 20 million trees in the UK over the next decade. This would cover an area 1.5 times to the size of Manchester. Click here to read the article.

Combating Ash dieback – It is thought that Ash dieback could result in the loss of up to 95% of native European Ash in the UK. In an attempt to combat this scientists are growing and monitoring saplings propagated from disease tolerant ash trees. Click here to read more about it.

Your garden – There’s not much nicer than a crisp sunny winters day. Perfect for getting out in the garden to top up your Vitamin D. Despite the cold weather there’s still plenty of jobs to be getting on with, especially when it comes to your trees. Whether it’s planting, transplanting, pruning or propagation. Click here for some tips from the RHS on how to care for your trees in February.

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