Roe Farm Trees Are Here!

We’re nearly ready for our first planting session on 23rd November:

This is the Woodland Trust free community trees delivery- we have a delivery of another 300 trees on the way which have been kindly sponsored by Michael Clarkson. Together with the trees Derby Council Parks Department have already, we will be planting over 1000 trees in two weeks’ time!

420 teeny trees fresh off the lorry

420 trees is quite a lot of trees- but they only take up 2 boxes. The white boxes contain the trees- the brown boxes are full of plastic tree spiral guards and the white bag contains bamboo canes to support the saplings and guards.

Cell grown trees of a range of species (mainly hawthorn visible here) packed in boxes for transport

These packs are British native broadleaf tree varieties. The packs are available for any community group or school to order here: As you can see, it’s easy to accept and transport the packs- even the biggest 420 tree packs are not that big- but the trees will cover a lot of ground once they’re planted.

Hope you can make it on 23rd November from 10am- we’ve got lots to plant!

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